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BlackBerry to follow Nokia and adopt Microsoft Windows OS?

Research In Motion (RIM), the manufacturer behind BlackBerry, has had a fairly torrid time over the past year or so.

Despite the smartphone industry leading the way in consumer electronics, with people snapping up devices in their millions, it seems that the Canadian manufacturer can’t catch a break.

What was once the smartphone of choice for business users the world over, BlackBerry has been left behind in the last couple of years.

RIM has long been known as a fairly stubborn company, and it is this refusal to adapt to an ever-changing market that has left it in the situation it’s in now.

RIM under pressure

RIM’s quarterly performance was announced last week and, despite low expectations, those in the industry were still shocked to see a loss that plunged the company’s shares by 18%.

It was the latest in a long line of disappointments for RIM, which has seen its shares fall by around 70% in the last year.

But, unfortunately, that’s not all. RIM’s upcoming operating system, BlackBerry 10, has now been pushed back until early 2013. With the OS thought to be something of a make-or-break for BlackBerry, RIM’s board is under mounting pressure.

There’s no doubt that something needs to change if BlackBerry is to survive, and rumours abound that RIM is considering some fairly radical options.

RIM switching to Windows OS?

Reports have suggested that the RIM board is considering a Nokia-style strategy to bring BlackBerry back from the brink if the new Blackberry 10 OS fails to deliver.

It’s understood that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has already approached RIM about a similar partnership to the one it has with Nokia, which would see Microsoft purchase a stake in the Canadian company and BlackBerry devices use the Windows Phone OS.

The board is thought to be reluctant to do this, however, as it would mean giving up rather a lot of independence. But with BlackBerry losing customers almost every day, it won’t be long before it’s too late for RIM.

BlackBerry 10 devices to come first

According to reports, the latest OS from RIM, BlackBerry 10, will offer a number of key features. These include voice search, push notification for apps and three dimensional effects on apps.

There will also be a heavy focus on the latest version of Flash and HTML coding (HTML5), hoping to enhance the features provided by the devices.

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