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BlackBerry PlayBook demo video

Finally, we get a close view of the much hyped BlackBerry PlayBook. Will it be worth the wait?

Things are really hotting up in tablet computing. After the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab earlier this year, we can expect a model from RIM, makers of the BlackBerry, early next year. The PlayBook was announced in September, but no-one was able to see out a working model close up until now. The guys at have uploaded a 9 minute high definition video of someone from RIM walking them through the key features.

I’m always a little suspicious of demos where the company rep is the only one using the product, but as we’re still months from launch I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. The interface looks really slick and responsive, and multi-tasking seems to be handled well. Overall it could be a nice alternative to the iOS and Android powered alternatives.

One really interesting feature shown in the video appears to be a touch-sensitive frame around the edges of the screen, which allows some extra control options. It’s not entirely clear if this is really an extra touch area or if it just detects swipes on to the edge of the screen, but I’m looking forward to trying it when we get hold of one.