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BlackBerry Playbook 2 Countdown: Top BlackBerry App World Apps

The BlackBerry Playbook 2 has been making its way through the tech rumour mill recently, with everyone and their Gran wading in with their thoughts.

So far we’ve had specs speculation, release date rumours, and heated debate on whether RIM’s next tablet will be enough to save the BlackBerry brand.

Some would argue, of course, that BlackBerry doesn’t need saving. And its devices are still very popular. But with BlackBerry’s main customers now seemingly teenage girls, RIM will be hoping for a boost in other areas of the market.

So we can expect a couple of big smartphones later this year, running the BlackBerry 10 OS, and the next-gen version of the Playbook.

It’s fair to say that the first Playbook did not get the credit it deserved. It was a strong tablet that pretty much every user was pleased with. And it ran Flash!

And the Playbook 2 is sure to be another decent tablet. So as we countdown to the Playbook 2’s release later this year, what are the best apps on the BlackBerry App World store?

Pandora for BlackBerry

The Pandora app is basically a personalised radio station. There are plenty of these kinds of apps out there, but Pandora is one of the best.

Simply enter a song you like, and the app will create a personal radio station based on that type of music, so you can listen to your favourite songs and explore some new ones.

Beat The Intro

This highly addictive music game will have you hooked for hours. As you might have guessed, Beat The Intro challenges you to guess what song is being played just from the intro.

With regular updates and new packs to choose from, this app never gets old. You can also play against friends to see who has the most musical knowledge.

Digital Bill Tracker

Are you always forgetting when your next bills are due, only to get a nasty shock to your bank balance? The Digital Bill Tracker app is designed to put an end to this, by letting you manage them easily.

On top of this, the app will also give you reminders for when your bills are due. You can choose from a note being posted directly to your home screen, an entry on your calendar, or a pop-up reminder.

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