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BlackBerry Playbook 2 countdown: BB10 images leaked

Here at Pluggedin, we’re not ones for scaremongering, but it’s fair to say that BlackBerry needs to have a good year this year.

Last year was a great year in the world of technology, but it’s one that BlackBerry will want to forget all about. And it is doing just that, with some great-looking new devices and some new software.

We’re waiting with baited breath to see what the likes of the Playbook 2 and the BlackBerry London will be like when they’re released later this year.

But equally exciting is the fact that RIM is readying a new operating system to claw back some ground from Android and iOS.

BlackBerry 10, or BB10 for short, is slowly winging its way to us, with promises of a BB10 device before the end of the year.

We’ll probably see the Playbook 2 before BB10 is ready, meaning it will run the Playbook OS 2.0 – but an update will surely be available once BB10 is good to go.

BB10 photos leaked

BB10 has been off the radar a little since it was announced, but some leaks of the exciting new OS in action have started doing the rounds.

We knew BB10 was going to be a departure for BlackBerry, but from what we can tell it’s going to be completely unrecognisable as a BlackBerry product.

The images were published by tech website Crackberry, which claims they come from a PDF-File prepared by one of RIM’s external ad agency partners.

Inspired by Android and iOS

The pictures show an OS straight out of the Android book of user interfaces, with a dash of iOS and sprinkling of Windows Phone for good measure.

The live tiled interface of Windows Phone clearly appealed to RIM, as it looks like we’ll be getting similar live widgets on BB10.

The folder icons are iOS-inspired, showing a preview of apps inside or photos from albums stored in folders.

So when will we see this new operating system? BlackBerry is rumoured to be preparing it for the BlackBerry London, which we should see before the end of the year.