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BlackBerry London, PlayBook 2… the devices helping BlackBerry to its feet

It is fair to say that BlackBerry needs to have a good year in 2012. We all have bad years now and again, and huge international tech companies are no different.

We could sit here and talk all day about the things that went wrong for BlackBerry last year, but that would be cruel.

So, like someone making a fresh start to a year (even if it is February), we are looking to the future and focusing on the positives.

So what can we expect from the Canadian tech giant over the next 12 months? And will it be enough to get things back on track?

BlackBerry London

This smartphone has got to be one of the most leaked images of all time in the tech world. We haven’t even had an announcement from BlackBerry, and yet we’ve seen photos of it so many times it feels ancient.

But anyway, the BlackBerry London does look like it could be a pretty decent smartphone. But this is down in no small part to the fact that RIM have gone in a completely different direction.

Apparently there is no dignity left at RIM, as the phone looks so similar to an Android it’s a bit creepy. If you haven’t seen the photos, just think a scaled-down version of the Playbook.

But what about the specs? Rumoured to include a 1.5GHz dual-core processor and 16GB of internal storage, the London doesn’t sound like being anything to write home about. But it should include the BB10 OS, which BlackBerry has promised will be pretty special.

BlackBerry PlayBook 2

It’s fair to say the PlayBook got a bit of a bad press. Yes, some people were not impressed when they bought one. But there are many other people who still love theirs.

Rumoured for an unveiling at MWC this month, the PlayBook 2 will probably be making an appearance before the London.

And with a 1.5GHz dual processor inside, and a boost to the display quality, this will be one tablet to look out for in Barcelona this year.