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BlackBerry 10 devices – What do we know so far?

Following leaked presentation slides concerning the latest BlackBerry 10 devices from manufacturer RIM, we take a look at what we know about these products so far – but what exactly do you need to know about the fabled BlackBerry 10?

(L series image courtesy of crackberry)

According to the leaked information, the first BlackBerry 10 devices to boast the signature physical ‘qwerty’ keyboard will be classed under the N-Series name. Leaked images showcased the device’s features with analogies being drawn to the popular Bold device.

BlackBerry 10: the key features

According to reports, the latest OS from RIM, BlackBerry 10, will offer a number of key features. These include voice search, push notification for apps and three dimensional effects on apps.

There will also be a heavy focus on the latest version of Flash and HTML coding (HTML5), hoping to enhance the features provided by the devices.

N Series device

According to the information, the N Series device features a 720×720 OLED display with a screen measuring just over 3 inches. Pixel density of 331-ppi is offered and retains the companies iconic physical ‘qwerty’ keyboard.

(image courtesy of techradar)

This comes after RIM vowed that such devices would feature heavily in its line-up of new models, despite a focus on creating an all-touchscreen handset as well.

L Series device

The all-touchscreen device, called the L Series (previously London), boasts similar specifications to that of the N Series. Resolution is slightly higher at 1280×768 and the OLED display offers an impressively high pixel density of 356-ppi on an expansive 4.2 inch screen.

BlackBerry 10 release dates

Those interested in getting their hands on the latest BlackBerry 10 models will be pleased to hear there might not be long to wait. The L Series is expected to launch at the end of this year while the recently leaked N Series is expected to hit shelves in the first quarter of 2013.

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