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Black Samsung Galaxy S3 goes up for pre-order

Speculation that Samsung will release a black shade of its Galaxy S3 smartphone have seriously gathered pace in the last week, and now one UK retailer has put the device up for pre-order. says it will have black Galaxy S3 handsets in stock in 4-6 weeks and will take £499.99 of your English pounds now if you’d like to reserve one.

For that rather lofty price, you’ll get the quad-core 4.8-inch Android device, SIM-free, with 16GB of storage.

The Mobile-Fun listing is not currently displaying a picture of the elusive phone, but Crave reports that one was there. It now appears the shop has removed the image, but the device remains available for pre-order.

Crave also writes that Mobile-Fun says it ‘found the picture’ as opposed to obtaining it from Samsung. The manufacturer has, naturally, declined to comment.

When will it land?

Monday’s online listing follows a week when a black model of the all-conquering Android kingpin appeared on Samsung’s European Facebook page, promoting its involvement in the Olympics.

Also, just this weekend, we reported on a leak from within another retailer Carphone Warehouse. That showed the device listed on a company inventory screen.

So, if you add all of the evidence up, it definitely appears that the new shade is on the way.

The rumours continue to build. Perhaps Samsung would be cheeky enough to launch the newly-hued Galaxy S3 on iPhone 5 launch day?

Latest indications are, that could be as soon as September 12.

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Black Samsung Galaxy S3 goes up for pre-order


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