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‘Big man’ on train, Susan Boyle, Fenton the dog… viral videos that divide opinion

A video of a young fare dodger being thrown off a Scotrail train by a vigilante bouncer has become an internet sensation.

The video has divided opinion – many have hailed the man as a hero for putting the youngster in his place, while others have said he should be punished for his heavy handedness.

Whichever way you feel, the video has certainly got people talking. Here is our pick of the viral videos that have divided opinion over the years.

Vigilante on Scottish train


After a lengthy dispute over a ticket between a young passenger and the conductor, a ‘big man’ steps in to offer a helping hand.

When the youngster tries to get back on the train, his path is blocked by the vigilante and the conductor. The man got a round of applause from commuters, but it has since been reported that the youngster grazed his face in the confrontation, prompting calls for the man’s arrest.

Fenton the dog

With over 3 million hits on YouTube, Fenton the dog has become an internet sensation. People around the world laughed the quintessential Englishness of the man’s pleas to his dog.

But animal rights campaigners have argued that the video raises important points about the safety of deer in national parks. Others, like comedians Paul Merton and Russell Howard, just failed to see what all the fuss was about.

Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent

When Susan Boyle appeared on our screens in 2009, no one expected what came next. The, let’s say, unusual-looking Scot blew people away with her amazing voice.

The video of her auditions was the most watched of 2009, and Boyle has since become a global sensation. But many people hit out at the video, blaming society’s focus on looks as the only reason Boyle has become so popular.

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