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BIBO Hot and Cold Water Dispenser


Rating: ★★★★½

More people these days are buying and consuming bottled water than ever before. In this ever more fast paced world we live in, even something as humble as H2O is getting its own gadgets.

The BIBO is a multi stage filtration system which offers both boiling and cold water on tap, 24/7, in a sleek, stylish package, designed to grace your possibly already gadget laden kitchen work surface.

Buying a BIBO

We have all seen the adverts on the tube for domestic water coolers and It was one of these ads that prompted me to start the search for one for my own kitchen. A little Googleing later, I came across and the BIBO.

BIBO Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

The BIBO was launched in the UK in June 2011 and since then has sold in excess of 300 units according to Jonathan from the company who installed mine.

After browsing the website and reading a few reviews I decided to take the plunge and order my BIBO online. The company promises to call to arrange an installation date within 24 hours and they duly did, arranging a date in the following week to come and deliver, install and commission my BIBO. Incidentally, this is all included within the cost of £363.00

Delivery day arrived and I met a very polite and friendly Jonathan who, along with my BIBO (I chose black from the 8 colours available, sorry no ‘pink’ girls), filters, installation gubbins and some tools, discussed with me where I would like to locate the unit.

As the BIBO is plumbed into the mains, a mains water source needs to be within a reasonable distance of the location of the unit. Don’t however let this put you off.  To locate my BIBO, the water pipe passed through a door frame, 2 walls, a kitchen unit and a 2″ thick granite worktop. All of this was done by Jonathan within about an hour and with no mess.

Once located and commissioned, I was then taken through the various features and functions of the BIBO. This is after all a gadget as well as a glorified tap. More on that in the next section.

First Impressions

Once connected and powered on, the user must fill the hot and cold water tanks, set the language, set the desired temperatures (70 – 96 degrees hot and 5 – 16 degrees cold)and set any timer options for sleeping and standby. This is all achieved through the very intuitive touch panel on the front of the unit.

Other features here include setting a measured cup size do provide a perfect cup of tea or bottle of chilled water and also setting the ‘ambient’ dispensing temperature when neither boiling or chilled is required. All of the features are intuitive and also explained very clearly in the user manual that accompanies the BIBO.

BIBO Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

From initial ‘power on’ to working at full temperature (hot and cold) the BIBO takes about 3 minutes, this is much shorter when coming out of sleep or energy saving mode. Should you choose not to use the energy saving functions, the unit will happily remain on

Day to Day use of the BIBO

Having been using the BIBO for about a month now, firstly I can say that I have NOT missed my kettle at all.  Once I had set the timers to my living patterns (off at night) and sleep functions (energy saves after 2 hours of no use) I have found that without fail, the BIBO is there to give me lovely cold water or a steaming hot cup of tea/coffee with no time spent waiting for it to boil or chill.

BIBO Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

I live in a hard water area and was not a big fan of the taste of the water from the tap. This is easily overcome by using Brita type filter jugs in the fridge but who ever remembers to fill them. I can say with some confidence that the water that now comes out of my BIBO tastes as good as any I have had from a tap/bottle or volcanic spring. This is due to the triple stage filtration system which filters out chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals and other contaminants in addition, a UV light to rid the water of any bacteria.

As well as hot water, set at 96 degrees in my case, the BIBO has a boost function allowing you to dispense boiling water. This is perfect for filling a pan for poached eggs, pasta, etc etc.. Something that used to take 3-4 minutes while the kettle boiled.

Other features worthy of note are the child lock function, making it impossible for anyone simply touching the buttons to dispense anything other than cold water. Even if they did manage to dispense anything and without a cup/glass under the spout, there is a safety overflow contact in the drip tray that stops dispensing water as soon as the try is full.

So, there must be some bad points right ?

Well, I can only think of 3 things and they are all very minor.

Firstly I would like a little more space between the drip tray and the spout to fit a taller glass, this is no problem at all as the drip tray pulls out with no effort leaving space easily for anything up to a large jug, it is purely personal as most of my glasses are quite tall.

Secondly the calendar function, which allows you to have the unit come on and off at set times, does not have a separate section for weekends. Again, this is only minor and may even come in a firmware update to the machine.

Finally the machine can be a little noisy at times. There is a fan in the back to keep the inside of the machine cool when the compressor is running. It cuts in and out on a thermostat and is only on for a few minutes at a time so is by no means intrusive but if you had a very small kitchen you might notice it more.

After sales and Service

I have not had any experience of this yet but just to note that BIBO offer a 1 year warranty and 1 years worth of filters within the price of the unit. This can be extended to 3 years any time during the first year for £59.

BIBO say the only maintenance required for the machine is yearly changing of the filters and to assist with this they run what is called the filters@home package. This service, at £54/year, provides you with replacement filters when you need them and, in my opinion, represents good value compared with some of the competition.


  • Boiling water 'boost' function
  • Child safety lock features
  • Cheaper than the competition
  • Good after care program


  • Slightly noisy at times
  • No weekend calendar function
  • Does not come in pink


After 1 month with my BIBO I am very happy with the purchase and would recommend it to anyone. If you are considering a fridge witch dispenses cold water, an instant hot water tap by the sink, or just looking for the next kitchen gadget, the BIBO should be on your list to look at.

There are a few little foibles (as mentioned above), but nothing that would stop me buying one again or recommending it.