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Best augmented reality apps out there

Augmented reality seems like a space-age technology, but it has been around in some form or another for several years now.

As soon as cameras made their way on to mobile phones, augmented reality has been getting better and better.

The technology has come a long way from the simple 2D games that relied on the novelty of seeing an animation on the screen to get people interested.

The games themselves were pretty poor, but the potential for augmented reality was plain to see. And as phone power and cameras have improved, it is finally starting to reach that potential.

There are now all sorts of apps available that harness augmented reality, although some do it better than others. So what are the best augmented reality apps out there?

James May’s Science Stories

We all love long-haired know-it-all James May, and now you can carry him around with you in your pocket with the Science Stories app.

Available to download from Google Play, Science Stories was created with the Science Museum and features the Top Gear man guiding you through the interactive London museum.


One of the most well-known augmented reality apps out there, Layar is available on both iPhone and Android and can be used for a range of purposes.

The idea behind Layar is that it shows you things you can’t see. Simply hold your phone up to find places of interest near you, or pick from more than 1,000 other layers for other information.

AR Invaders

No look at augmented reality would be complete without at least one game, and AR Invaders is easily one of the best.

The title has you pitted against an alien invasion which is attacking everything around you, and is beautifully simple yet highly addictive.

With technology moving at a lightning fast pace, augmented reality is only going to get bigger and better as time goes on. But these apps are a great place to start.