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Benton the Dog, Nicky Minaj, Star Wars… the best YouTube Virals

Benton the Dog has become an internet sensation this week. We check out some additional YouTube stars.

There was a time when it used to take some talent and a lot of hard work to gain worldwide notoriety. But with the internet and YouTube, anyone can become famous the world over simply by uploading a video.

Here is our pick of the videos that have gone viral, sometimes propelling their makers to celebrity levels of fame.

This video of a man desperately chasing after his dog as it chases a herd of deer into a road was only uploaded a week ago, but already has over a million hits on YouTube. The dog’s name is actually Fenton, but the hilarious video has already spawned a number of ‘Benton’ parodies.

Sophie and Rosie sing Super Bass

Even more impressive than Benton, this video was uploaded in September this year and now has a staggering 22 million views. The two little girls from Essex are now being hailed as ‘The Next Big Thing’ and have appeared on a US chat show, being interviewed by Ellen Degeneres.

Drunken Star Wars?

This video, uploaded in 2006, has become the stuff of viral legend. There have been several remakes, with people adding special effects to make the whole thing much cooler. But the original is still the best, showing a slightly overweight Star Wars enthusiast wildly swinging a pole around while trying not to fall over.

Welsh pizza complaint

This video of a man ringing up his local ASDA to complain about a lack of toppings on his pizza has had over 100,000 views. Just as he is getting really worked up about the pizza not even having any sauce on it, he realises he had it upside down, much to the ASDA worker’s (and our) amusement.