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Belkin Launch New Energy Saving Monitoring Products

Belkin have launched a new energy saving Conserve range – find out how you can save money and the environment now.

Eco friendly products are there to help you reduce that ever growing carbon footprint and reduce home energy bills.

British gas and many other energy suppliers recently announced that they’re increasing energy prices by as much as 20% in the coming months; so many will be pleased to get hold of any device that allegedly lowers the cost of household bills.

The new Conserve range from Belkin promises to help reduce energy costs. The new range consists of four devices including the Conserve Insight, Conserve Smart AV, Conserve Valet and Conserve Socket.

With more and more gadgets being used in the home on a day-to-day basis it’s no wonder that energy monitors exist.

Those who are conscious about their energy consumption will be pleased to know that the Conserve Insight energy monitor is straightforward and easy to use.

If you need more than one device the Conserve Smart AV is a collection of sockets with one master socket, which senses when your TV is turned on or off. This ensures that energy is not wasted when it is left in standby mode.

Speaking about the new range, Kevin Ashton, Belkin Conserve General Manager said, “We found that consumers are willing to take steps to reduce their energy consumption, but they want it to be easy, something that doesn’t impact their lives, take up their time, or cost money. ”

The Conserve Valet allows you to charge all your mobile devices in one convenient place, and automatically shuts off power – including stand-by power – after devices are fully charged.

The Conserve Socket is a particularly intuitive gadget, timed to automatically switch the power off after selected time intervals. All you have to do is plug the device into your wall then plug in your charger.

Not only can it save you time and money but the socket can also save your home.

There are countless horror stories about women leaving their hair straighteners on and coming home to a molten mess or worse, starting a fire.

By having a timer which shuts down the power, disasters such as these can be easily avoided.