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Beko Launch Their 2011 Product Range

I was lucky to be invited to the Beko 21 Launch at FIVE in Farnbrough. This was to celebrate Beko’s 21st year of doing business in the UK and to launch their 2011 product range.

FIVE is the Farnborough International Venue & Event, a 3000sqm permanent event venue. As we drove in it felt as if we were driving into the middle of an airfield but as we approached the building there was no doubt we were in the right place. The enormous Beko logo on the side gave the game away!

beko 21 launch

After a drinks reception we were treated to a presentation of major events of the last 21 years as we made our way into the audetorium. Did you know that it is 14 years since Princess Diana died? Had you realised that it is already 3 years since Michael Jackson died?

beko 21 launch

First up was Ragip Balaioglu, Managing Director of Beko Uk & Ireland. He gave us a brief history of Beko in the UK from arriving in 1990 as the Turkish brand that would produce specific products for the UK to being a top 10 worldwide brand and number one in the UK.

Beko is part of the Arcelik Group, one of the top 500 companies in the world, the 3rd largest in Europe with 10 brands in its portfolio and over 9,000 employees. It is also 2nd in Europe for White Goods patents registered proving just how seriously they take reserach and developement and producing new products. They are number one in the UK in Cooling, Free Standing Cooking and Washing Machines and number two in dishwashers.

Ragip promised that they will continue to develop to maintain this position by listening to customers, add value to the products for customers and keep up with new technology to shape the future of White goods. They will produce Real Products for Real People with new products such as an 8kg washing machine that uses 50% less energy and an A rated oven that uses 20% less energy than a normal A rated oven. They have a comitment to quality – the fit, feel and finish of the products and have been be awarded most reliable brand by Which?

beko 21 launch

We then saw a presentation by Peter Fisk.  An independent consultant who looks at consummer trends. In his opinion we are emerging from the economic downturn into a new and different world where consumers are more practical and resourceful, looking for things that make us smile and make our lives better. So we are shopping with more emotion while still looking for function, then looking for a deal.

beko 21 launch

Finally up on the stage was Kevin Wackett, Sales Director of Beko UK and Ireland. He spoke about the 2011 range and what we could expect to see.  From starting with a range on 1 fridge in 1991 to selling over 15 million appliances in the UK 21 years later Beko’s aim is to be the UK’s favorite brand by producing Real Products for Real People. With ranges that offer customers a Good, Better, Best choice with more variety and features. As the lights got brighter and Kevin’s voice got louder we knew that something was going to happen.  The curtain fell and the 2011 product range was there for us all to see.

We started in The Timpson’s kitchen – products that are simple and functional and work hard to provide solutions for everyday life.  The highlight was the 6kg load 1600 spin washing machine (WMB6161) with a special Pet Hair reduction programme. This adds a pre-wash and an additional rinse to the cycle to ensure maximum removal of pet hair from your laundry. Also in this kitchen was the slimline dishwasher with a slimline fascia panel (DSFS151) with market leading 10 place setting capacity and quiet performance. It’s controls are hidden on the top of the door panel more like a built-in product.

beko 21 launch

Then we moved to The Mason’s kitchen full of matching black appliances. Beko is one of the few manufacturers whose black appliances all match giving them a great advantage over their competitors. A very stylish fridge freezer in mirror black (CDF6941) with Freezer Guard – technology that ensures the freezer continues to work when ambient temperatures plummet to as low as -15 degrees C.

The 8kg washing machine (WMB81241L) is rated A+ for energy and has an ‘Eco Clean 20’ Programme which saves you up to 70% in energy as well a ‘Daily Quick Programme’ which can save you over 50% in time compared to a normal cotton programme. A full load of lightly soiled clothing can be washed in under an hour, while the interactive LCD display allows you to choose any temperature from cold to 90 degrees.

Next was The Lawrence’s kitchen. The highlight in here was the 4 door frost free fridge freezer (GNE114610X). The finger print free stainless steel will look amazing in any kitchen and its total space of 610 litres mean that there is space for the biggest of families. The Multizone means that at the push of a button it is possible to use the bottom right compartment as either a fridge, chiller, wine cooler or a freezer! So flexible! It has Active Fresh Blue Light in the fridge which will prolong the life of fresh fruit and vegetables whilst maintaining their natural flavours and nutritional elements.

beko 21 launch

Finally was The Harvey’s kitchen. Large products for a large family. A 9kg washing machine (WMB91242L) rated A++ for energy so saving you money on your energy bills and a Super Fast Programme which will wash 2kg of lightly soiled clothes in just 14 minutes. An 8kg tumble dryer (DUC8230) with Automatic Drying Sensor which will stop the machine once the right level of dryness is acheived and an Xpress Programme which will dry small loads in just under 45 minutes.

Other highlights of the show were ‘The world’s most energy efficient washing machine’ (WMB81455L) – two washes for the price of one.

beko 21 launch

With an energy efficiency rating of A+++++ it’s 50% more efficient than ‘A’ rated models. On this setting a full 8kg load will take 2hours and 51 minutes !  A long time but with the time delay function
why not set and leave to wash while you’re at work finishing just a you get home. As well as this energy saving function the machine also has an aray of other programmes including Duvet Washing – devised for the requirements of a double duvet or larger and Sports Programme – to ensure synthetic / cotton blended gym clothes do not loose their elasticity.

Image of oven or kitchen – page 7 of new brochure

Beko’s new built-in range blend functionality and simplicity with elegance and style to create a kitchen designed to withstand the demands of a busy family life.

All Beko built-in appliances will now come with a 2 year warranty.

All Beko built-in ovens are ‘A’ rated for energy but use 20% less energy than a standard ‘A’ rated model. The OIM25503 has the lowest energy consumption in the world in its class – 30% better than A+.

Some also feature ‘Programme Clean’ Technology also know as pyrolytic cleaning for hassle-free oven cleaning. This means the oven can be cleaned without the need for detergents or scrubbing or scraping. When the function is used the oven reaches 500 degrees C and all of the cooking residues etc are converted to a thin layer of ash which can be wiped away with a damp cloth.

The range also includes a single fan oven with a side opening door (OIF22301). This oven is perfect if circumstances mean that it’s hard for you to access the oven with the door infront of you, if you are in a wheelchair for example. The oven also features Beko’s ‘Nano Technology’. This nano coating on the inner glass door means it only needs cleaning with soapy water and a soft cloth after every 20 cooking cycles.

We were suitably impressed with the whole day and range and look forward to an exciting year ahead with Beko!