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Become a fan of the Dyson Air Multiplier

If you thought an electric fan was just a round thing you stick in the corner of the room with some noisy spinning blades, think again.

And maybe have a word with Sir James Dyson while you’re at it.

The genius British inventor changed the face of the humble vacuum cleaner and now he’s done the same to the simplest household object you could find – the fan!

He’s even thought up a new name for them – the Air Multiplier.

The Progression of the Fan

The first model in the Dyson range was a traditional desk version, but there is nothing traditional about the way it looks. For a start, there are no blades or unsightly metal cage, making it far easier to set up, much quieter, safer and easy to clean.

Air is drawn up through the body of the fan and over a motor, but interestingly, only seven per cent of the air comes through this method.

A further 93 per cent is sucked in from behind the fan and together the two streams are blasted out using the same accelerator technology found in turbochargers and jet engines.

The AMO1 Desk Fan comes in a 12 inch version and a 10 inch model. But if you can’t stand the heat and fancy something far stronger to beat the warmth, then the new AM02 Tower and AM03 Pedestal might be more useful.

The free-standing gadgets are designed for larger spaces and rooms with the Pedestal capable of pumping out 50 per cent more airflow than the one sitting on your desk. It’s ultra smooth too, just one long stream of air compared to the mixed pressure you get from a bladed fan.

Both rotate, and you can control the airflow rate and oscillation using a nifty magnetised remote. This means you can pop it on top of the fan to stop it disappearing behind the sofa.

These products are also extremely simple to set up. Dyson’s clever design incorporates just three parts, which slot and click together without the need for any screws. There are even markers on each piece to show you what goes where.

With prices from around £198, the pair each draws in a whopping 33 litres of air per second. The Tower then amplifies that to make it 16 times stronger while the Pedestal increases the airflow 18 times.

Cool and Efficient

Speaking about this invention, James Dyson said: “Air conditioning is inefficient and gives little or no ventilation. The new machines are engineered to circulate smooth unbuffeted air in larger rooms. They draw in and multiply up to 50% more air than our desk fan.”

The Dyson Air Multiplier is not cheap though. It is a premium, stylish product packed full of innovative technology including more than 100 different patent-pending engineering feats.

But not only will they stop you from wilting in the soaring temperatures, either of the fans will also become the biggest talking point among your friends and family when they visit.

And it will be the coolest looking gizmo in your living room by a long way.