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BBC iPlayer for Xbox – What you need to know

BBC iPlayer, everybody’s favourite on-demand service, has finally made its way on to the Xbox 360 – not a moment too soon.

With Microsoft proclaiming the Xbox to be a fully-fledged ‘entertainment system’, we were beginning to wonder why it has taken them so long.

But the wait is finally over, and Xbox users countrywide will be gearing up to watch as much Top Gear and Masterchef as they possibly can.

The service will be rolled out next week, so stay patient Xbox users! But what do you need to know about BBC iPlayer on the Xbox?

BBC iPlayer for Xbox has been years in the making

The BBC is rather shrewd in implementing its on-demand service across as many platforms as possible. BBC iPlayer is incredibly popular, and can now be accessed on smartphones, with Freeview boxes, and the likes of Virgin TV.

The decision to bring the service to the Xbox was actually made about three years ago, when initial discussions first took place. We got an announcement last autumn, so it better be worth the wait!

BBC iPlayer for Xbox uses Kinect

If you’re a Kinect user, the iPlayer service has something extra-special in store for you. With Kinect, you’ll be able to use your hands and your voice to navigate around the service, pretty cool huh?

The use of Kinect could easily have been frustrating and tricky to use, but it has been done sublimely. It takes a couple of tries to pick up all the manoeuvres, but once you know what to do you’ll be swishing and swiping all day long.

iPlayer is now on all our favourite platforms, but nowhere does it utilise the software at its fingertips in the same way as Xbox. From the Kinect controls to the high-quality picture, iPlayer for Xbox does everything right.