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BBC iPlayer app for Windows Phone – what you need to know

The BBC iPlayer app, one of the most popular applications in the UK, is finally making its way on to the Windows Phone operating system.

The revelation comes from a Nokia spokesperson, who has said that the popular iPlayer app will be available on the Windows Phone Marketplace in the next couple of weeks.

It’s an exciting prospect for any Windows Phone users out there, who have missed out on the on-demand app.

Good news for Nokia and Windows Phone

But the news will be even better for Windows and Nokia, which have struggled to make a real dent in a smartphone market dominated by Android and iOS.

The iPlayer app is hugely popular here in the UK, and a lack of the app on the Windows Phone Marketplace is another reason for people not to take the plunge with the likes of the Lumia range.

The Windows Phone OS has received critical acclaim for its good looks and smooth usability, and the Lumia range is some of Nokia’s best work. But a lack of apps, especially content-rich apps, is always going to put customers off.

But a big-name app like BBC iPlayer could be a sign that Windows Phone’s fortunes could be changing, and is slowly starting to attract more developers.

There’s no word on whether the Windows Phone app will support streaming over 3G. The service does work over 3G for iPhones and iPads, but only on Wi-Fi for Android 3 tablets.

No SkyGo for Windows Phone

SkyGo, another app popular with the British public, doesn’t look like making its way on to the OS anytime soon.

A Sky spokesman has said that Windows Phone users will have to wait “a good few months” before seeing the live TV app on the Marketplace. But with the addition of the iPlayer app, could we be seeing a new beginning for Windows Phone devices?