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Battlefield 3: new simulator grips gamers

Looking for an immersive gaming experience? Check out the new Gadget Show simulator for Battlefield 3.

The highly anticipated Battlefield 3 is available to order now, before it’s European release on 28th October, but The Gadget Show couldn’t wait and have created a fully operating self-contained simulator.

The game plot involves a sinister power rising in the Middle East as Marine Sergeant ‘Black’ discovers how far he will go to defend his country.

Featuring a range of diverse maps, brand new character animation technology ANT and add-ons the game is ideal for any thrill seeking gamer.

The full Battlefield 3 experience

The Gadget Show loved it so much they recently put together the ultimate Battlefield 3 simulator.  Using motion control roller-flooring, a self contained 4 metres high igloo dome, 5 projectors for a 360 degree view and 800 LED lighting, players could full immerse themselves in the game in real time.

The new game features the latest technological development, ‘Frostbite2’, which allows delivers enhanced visual quality, a grand sense of scale and crystal clear audio.

Winning over 60 awards, the graphics on the game alone are sure to blow away any gamer, with or without an igloo dome.

28 October release date

Battlefield 3 will get it’s European release this Friday and it’s looking good so far, with amazing graphics a new campaign and some really interesting multiplayer modes.

Battlefield 3 will initially be available for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. There are also plans for a Nintendo Wii U launch in April, 2012, too.