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Batman: Arkham City Launch Trailer

The hotly anticipated Batman: Arkham City is on sale in North America today. Here’s the beautiful and atmospheric launch trailer to keep you going while we wait for the European launch on  21 October.

The game follows on from 2009′s Batman: Arkham Asylum, introducing new lead characters such as Two-Face and Hugo Strange alongside the Joker and Riddler. Players take control of Batman in a massive open world location of ‘Arkham City’, in the slums of Gotham.

We’ve seen a few teasers for the game before, but this new trailer really shows of the attention to detail and cinematic quality of the game.

Xbox 360 and PS3 release now, PC in November

The game will be available for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, while the Windows PC launch has now been confirmed for 18 November.

Batman: Arkham City review

Let us know your thoughts about this massive latest outing for the Batman. What other games are you looking forward to in the run-up to Christmas?