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BassBuds High Performance In-Ear Headphones with Mic/MP3 Controller

BassBuds High Performance In-Ear Headphones

Rating: ★★★★★

» You can pick up a pair of your own Bassbuds here!

The BassBuds in-ear headphones come enclosed in a sturdy box with a flip lid, contained alongside a generous range of different sized buds (in both memory foam and silicone options), enabling a perfect, comfortable fit for any ear size.

There’s also a little velvet protective pouch included which can be handy to fling them in for on-the-go storage.

Design and Build quality

With sparkly fine cut genuine Swarovski ® crystals embedded on the outer side of each bud, the striking headphones undoubtedly catch your eye at first glance. There are plenty of bold colours to choose from – with over 20 colours and combinations, they provide a highly individual look over it’s rivals, sure to leave you spoilt for choice.

The ‘Fashion Collection’ headphones come in a wide range of colour variants with contrasting vibrant colours on the buds and wires, while the ‘Classics Collection’ headphones come in single solid colour options.

Although the headphones are extremely lightweight, the quality is not compromised.

The durable double-wrapped wires are housed with high-grade aluminium. If like me, you get your wires tangled up often and annoyingly spend ages having to detangle them before usage, you needn’t worry as BassBuds are totally tangle-free!!


Along the wire is a small button which can be used for controlling a track by pressing different sequences, from pausing a track, to skipping or muting it – the sequence options are clearly listed on the ‘microphone user guide’ card within the box, however the control options are intuitive so this can quite easily be disregarded.

Also along the wire is a microphone, allowing the headphones to also be used as a headset enabling hands-free calling options, or even voice control commands compatible on your smartphones.

These multipurpose control options provide convenient control, with quick and easy access to your phone or MP3 player, without having them leave your pocket/bag!


When it comes to looks, the headphones certainly impress. When put to the test to see if the ‘crystal’ look translates to offer ‘crystal’ sound, I think it measures up extremely well. BassBuds provide crystal-clear HD audio through the ‘Advanced Crystaltronics Sound Technology’, which uses a micro filter, giving off ultra-crisp, distortion free sound.

BassBuds specialise in optimal deep ‘Bass’ from which the name ‘BassBuds’ evidently derives. Additionally, they provide a crisp, balanced, sharp treble. The Gold-plated 3.5mm audio jack offers optimum quality and connectivity.

The quality of sound, as well as the design of the fit, works together to provide noise isolation, allowing you to immerse into the sound without external interference, particularly handy for commuting on noisy trains or the outdoors.

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  • Balanced fusion of style and sound
  • Great value at less than half the price of most premium earphones
  • Tangle free
  • Huge colour range
  • Lightweight yet durable


  • None


BassBuds headphones are light yet powerful, making them perfect for portability, with multi-purpose controls for not only music, but phone controls too.

They are a fusion of music and style – not only do they act as an accessory providing a highly customisable, individual look boasted by well-known current artists (such as Dizee Rascal, and Chipmunk to name a few), but they do so without compromising quality, possessing better technology than some of the world’s most popular industry leaders, and in my opinion, giving the bigger brands a run for their money!

» You can pick up a pair of your own Bassbuds here!