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BaByliss Big Hair Spinning Brush 2775U Review

Babyliss 2775U Big Hair Styler

Rating: ★★★★½

I was keen to try out the BaByliss Big Hair Spinning brush after seeing the TV advert.  Having been “blessed” with quite fine, naturally wavy hair I have spent the last couple of decades (!) trying to “deal” with my hair.

I am sucked in by each advert or article in a magazine that promises me effortless ways to tame my hair into something that less resembles Monica from Friends in THAT episode in the Caribbean (If you haven’t seen it, Google it and you will see what I mean…) and to be honest not many gadgets, gizmos, lotions or potions have achieved the hair utopia I have been striving for over the years and most are now collecting dust whilst I continue to battle with my hairdryer and my GHD’s.

So when I was offered the chance to road test the BaByliss Big Hair Spinning Brush, I jumped at the chance  (albeit with a touch of cynicism that has developed from years of disappointment when the latest “hair must have” has left me with nothing but frizz, burns and probably a few tears)

What does the Babyliss Big Hair promise?

The BaByliss website promises “hair that’s shiny, sexy and totally fabulous.”   Hmmmm so this styling brush had a lot to live up to…

Unboxing the BaByliss Big Hair Spinning Brush

My first impressions are good; the product looks well made, is relatively light despite being quite large and slightly cumbersome looking and is well packaged.

Once I had worked out how to remove the guard that protects the bristles – after a few moments of struggling and finally deciding that it might be an idea to read the instructions first i was ready to start styling.

What are the features of the BaByliss Big Hair?

  • It can be used on damp or nearly dry hair
  • It has a 700 watt motor
  • It consists of a large 50mm rotating ceramic barrel with soft bristles
  • It uses Ionic technology for a frizz free finish
  • There are 2 heat settings and 1 cool setting
  • There are 2 large buttons on the handle that you press and hold to make the brush rotate either clockwise or anti-clockwise
  • On the highest heat setting the brush also spins at it’s fastest
  • It spins at a medium speed on the lower heat setting
  • The brush does not spin on the cool setting

My first attempt at using the BaByliss Big Hair styler

Although you probably can use the BaByliss Big Hair styler to dry your hair from scratch I decided to blast my hair with a hairdryer first for a couple of minutes to take out some of the moisture and when my hair was about 70% dry I started to use the BaByliss Big Hair.

My very first attempt was a bit of a disaster… I would like to blame the brush but I think it may be more linked to my lack of coordination if I am honest!  I kept getting confused which button to press to rotate the brush the way I wanted.

When I did rotate it the right way I kept forgetting to release the button when I wanted to stop winding so I ended up with the brush wound tightly against my head, pulling my hair and scalding my scalp and my fingers slightly at the same time!

Feeling slightly disappointed I re-read the instructions and honed in on the section that says it might take a bit of practice…

Second attempt at using BaByliss Big Hair styler

So take 2…. Again I partially blasted my hair dry with a hair dryer and then clipped most of it up on top of my head and started using the Big Hair styler on small sections, one at a time.  Finally my hands seemed to be in synch with my brain – I could successfully(ish) start drying and styling my hair in one go!

How to use the BaByliss Big Hair styler

Starting at the bottom of a small section of hair, I used the rotation buttons to wind my hair around and under the brush, taking my finger off the rotation button just before it reached my scalp, holding for a few seconds and then switching to the cool setting for a final blast of cool air before gently pulling the brush down to free my hair.  I started to switch to using the higher heat setting (and faster spin) as I became more confident.

How did my hair look after drying/styling with the BaByliss Big Hair styler?

I won’t pretend that I achieved the perfect result after just 2 attempts at using it, but after a couple more tries I really started to get the hang of it and was really pleased with the results.  You can use the BaByliss Big hair to create a bit of volume at the root of your hair, smooth and shape your hair and create flicks, or curled ends to your hair.

At last I can relatively easily create a sleek effect with more movement and body that I can create using a hair dryer, a brush and finishing off with straighteners.


  • It’s not too heavy and doesn’t gives you arm ache
  • It makes it a lot easier to create movement, body and flicks in your hair
  • It gives a relatively frizz free, smooth finish
  • It removed the need to use straighteners after drying


  • It takes some practice to get the required result
  • For thicker hair, you would need to partially dry your hair with a hair dryer firs
  • The barrel is quite large at 50mm so may not be suitable for short hair
  • It’s easy to switch off instead of to the cool setting as it’s all one switch


The BaByliss Big Hair rotating styler has enabled me to get closer than I have ever got to recreating the effect of a professional blow dry and now I have discovered the BaByliss Big Hair I am starting to wonder how I ever survived without it…

I would definitely recommend this product; it has shortened the time it takes me to dry and style my hair and I love the body and shape it gives my hair.

The time it takes to get used to using the BaByliss Big Hair styler is the only thing which stops this from being a 5 star product in my eyes.  However my advice would be to persevere if at first it seems tricky, it really does get easier after 2 or 3 attempts and it is definitely worth investing the time to practice with it.

To get the best out of using it to create root lift and volume, it’s probably worth using a volumising mousse or product first too before you start to dry your hair.

My only real gripe is that I would love a future version with several different sized barrels included for different effects and for shorter hair or fringes.

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