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Awesome Philips LCD and 3D too!

Philips 46PFL9705 3D LCD

Rating: ★★★★★

Haveing purchased SEVERAL award winning Philips screens, the last being just under a year ago, my partner and I decided we were long over due an upgrade. Enter 46PFL9705.

We first purchased a Philips LCD many moons ago when they first released Ambilight, we went looking for it to investigate what we thought was a gimick and walked out of the store £2000 lighter. 4 TV’s on, one a very disapointing Sony, and we’ve taken the leap to 3D.

First off I have to say I don’t think 3D on this scale is all that great. 3D needs to be more imersive than this and while great on the prolector, 200 inch screen, is a bit lost on a box on the wall. There are also problems with a lot of current 3D content as it’s not really shot in 3D but “post-rendered” with computer effects. True 3D footage and most animation is pretty impressive.

Some of the 3D we’ve viewed on the screen is a little smudgy to be honest but at the moment I’m inclined to think that’s down to content more than the screen itself. Possibly we’re also a bit too far away, I think the distance ratio is twice the screen size and we’ve got a pretty big room.

Hey, the transmitter and two pairs of glasses were free! Who’s complaining!

OK. 3D out of the way.

The set itself is simply awesome! Feed it with a good signal and the picture is absolutley sublime. We already own the previous model to this, which is now relegated to the dining room, and thought this was just a 3D upgrade at first but oh no. Contrast ratio 10,000,000:1 (no extra zero there) is achieved by a very different LED backlight called LED Pro which has an array of over 1000 LED’s actually behind the screen which can be controlled so whites are white and blacks are, well, black!

There’s a glut of other enhancements which Philips have been fine tuning over my four purchases including Perfect Pixel and Perferct Natural Motion and don’t forget that all important Ambilight which lights up the wall behind with the dominant screen colours which enhances perceived contrast and reduces eye strain as well as making the viewing more immersive.

The set has Freeview but not Freeview HD. I don’t really see this as an issue as I’m not really that interested in Eastenders in HD, standard picture of June Branning up close is fine thanks. If I want HD transmition I’ll go with Sky and add the 3D at the same time. No brainer really.

All Philips screens are a bit geeky and you need to mess about with the settings to get best performance. Run the assisted set-up and then tweak! If you’re feeding a good source experiment with turning enhancements off and see if they make a difference, the less you interfere with a clean signal the better. Play about and you’ll be delighted.

In short I’d recomend any Philips screen but this one would be top of my wish-list.


  • 3D Included.
  • Great Sound.
  • Loads of connections side and bottom.
  • Stand doubles up as a wall bracket, very clever!


  • Fiddly to set up correctly.
  • Content available is poor. Signal needs to be good.
  • Not cheap but shop about for a bargain.


If you’ve got some cash to get rid of and want a future proof upgrade to your home entertainment system this needs to be on your viewing list.

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