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About Richard Cossins from AEG

Nothing should get in the way of achieving beautiful results. That’s why at AEG we’re dedicated to creating appliances that help you pursue your passion – your own personal definition of perfection. Our products combine superior performance and innovative technologies with design that enhances your experience every time you use them.

Here are some innovative technologies you will find in our AEG appliances

At AEG we have a simple philosophy whether it’s applied to our Award-Winning Dishwashers, Fridge Freezers or Washing Machines.: everything we design should be perfect in both form and function.

Why is the AEG ProClean dishwasher the best?

A good dishwasher means flexibility. Do you have trouble fitting large kitchen utensils into your dishwasher? AEG ProClean™ dishwasher range is all about flexibility.

What features you should look for when buying a new laundry appliance?

Dishwashers use a lot less water and energy than washing by hand, so it’s very eco-friendly to use one. Take a look at our handy guide brought to you by AEG.

Why is the AEG CrystalLine hob range better than any other?

Combining powerful performance with its own specific set of innovations, each cooking surface in this award-winning modular range is designed and built as the ultimate cooking area.