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The complete guide to multiple monitors

While you may already be running two displays, it’s now easy for everyone to enjoy three, four, six or even 10 displays! Here’s our quick and easy guide to setting up ‘Swordfish style’ multiple display heaven.

How To Turn Old Hard Drives Into a Secure File Server

Over the last year or two we’ve been taking advantage of the incredible price drop in traditional spinning hard drives. Until the tragic floods in Thailand, prices had dropped as low as £40 per terabyte.

How to Set Up Your PC for Great Surround Sound

Two, four, six, eight how many speakers do we appreciate? The days when people would be awestruck to hear a PC make tiny cheeping sounds from its internal speaker are long gone.

Acer Aspire Z5763 Expert Review
Rating: ★★★★☆

The Acer Aspire Z5763 knows the deal: all-in-one (AIO) PCs aren’t supposed to be masters of all things, they’re slimline entertainment boxes.

How to repair your laptop

Wondering how to repair a broken laptop? We’re going to crack open three common laptops; a netbook, an older gaming laptop and a modern Intel model.

How to build your own Google Chromebook

With the recent release of Google’s Chromebooks, you might find yourself asking if you really want to spend your hard-earned cash on one.