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Hi I’m Mike – and I love taking and talking pictures! Handy that because I’m a professional photographer, photography writer and film maker. And when I'm not doing photography - I'm usually out enjoying the breeze on one of my motorbikes.

Make a Sunset with a Photographic Filter on your lens

The sun might be setting – but what if it’s not setting where you want it to? Mike Browne shows you how to use a lens filter to put the sunset where you want it.

Canon SX40HS Digital Camera Review
Rating: ★★★☆☆

The Canon SX40HS has plenty of mega pixels and a brilliant system for bringing out blue skies plus HD video with stereo sound too. Lots of goodies in one small package. However I do have one or two issues.

How to Create Motion Blur – speeding car

Mike demonstrates a simple technique to get a ‘speeding down the road’ effect in this video guide. Find out about adding perfect motion blur to your photography.

How to Get the Best from Your Camera Flash

In this video, Mike explains the types of digital SLR camera flash you may want to use and how to diffuse and bounce the light to get the perfect shot – without getting wet!

Manual Exposure – how to do it and why you need to…

Manual Exposure gives you total control over the pictures on your D-SLR! Learn to take the perfect shot, switching between shutter, aperture and ISO! This video is great to talk you through it.

Mike Browne interviews Bella West FBIPP about Weddings and portraits

Mike Browne interviews Bella West FBIPP, one of the UK’s leading wedding, portrait and more recently fashion photographers about weddings, portraits, lighting & composition.

How to get professional looking photos with your zoom lens

It doesn’t matter if you have a compact camera or the latest flagship digital SLR – ‘zooming in’ will transform your photos. In this video, Mike explains all you need to know about zoom lenses.

Photography Composition – Take better photos by using the ‘Rule of Thirds’

The ‘Rule of Thirds’ is an easy guide that will dramatically improve composition in your photography. Mike Browne explains all in this helpful video guide.