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What BlackBerry 10 will bring to touch and keyboard phones in 2013

The BlackBerry team at RIM is hard at work on BlackBerry 10 and we’ve had a chance to see the latest version of the software on near-final models of the first two handsets to launch. Here’s what we know so far…

Windows 8: ‘tens of thousands’ of improvements in Release Preview

Microsoft Windows 8 release preview is available today. Some of the Windows 8 improvements Microsoft highlights are actually either new or updated Metro apps. Read on for all the latest news.

BB 10: What you need to know

The future of BlackBerry is HTML5 plus the same QNX operating system that’s in the PlayBook – and also in many cars, set-top boxes and even nuclear power stations.

Microsoft: We know where we’re going with Windows 8 tablets

Windows 8 running on ARM-based tablets only looks like Windows Phone 7 on a bigger screen; in fact, Microsoft is going in completely the opposite direction from the rest of the industry.

Microsoft Office Pro 2010 Review
Rating: ★★★★½

The new version of Office is here at last, but was it worth the wait?