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10 Gadgets to Help You Keep Fit

Whether you want to tone up, trim, put on some muscle or just generally feel like you’re a little bit healthier, January is the perfect time to start a get fit program. But keeping it up is the hard part and thankfully there’s plenty of fitness gadgets and technology around to help.

Get Ready for your New Year Detox

After all that food and drink over Christmas, it is now inevitable that you’re thinking of losing a few pounds. With a New Year upon us, it’s surely time to go into 2012 with a healthier outlook so here’s some gadgets, apps and websites that can help you exercise and eat well.

Get Yourself Ready for New Year’s Eve Celebrations

With the end of 2011 just around the corner, the mood turns from Christmas eating and drinking to New Year’s Eve eating and drinking – oh and looking good for the partying nights out. So here’s some technology, gadgets and gizmos to aid your style and your stomach on the final night of the year.

Ways to Beat the Boxing Day Sales Madness

Frustration, delight, stress, anger, more anger, they’re normally the emotions you get when hunting for bargains during the post Christmas Day sales. Whether you’re shopping in the stores or online, finding the cheapest products is a necessary evil but grabbing that item with 90% off is worth it in the end, right?

How Not to Miss a Minute of Christmas TV

Soaps, dramas, age-old comedy Christmas specials from the 1970s, there is always something to watch on TV during the festive period. But how do you tune in to every episiode when you need to spend time sleeping off all that food. Well, this is where a Digital Television Recorder can help.

Christmas Gifts on a Budget

What with the decorations, the food, the drink and, of course, the presents, Christmas can cost a fortune. But it doesn’t have to be that way, oh no it doesn’t! Here are 10 of the best value presents we could find.

Essential Christmas kitchen tech guide

There’s only one annoying thing about Christmas… and that’s all the cooking. If you’re the chef of the house, whipping up a dinner for all the family can easily take the gloss off the festivities. So here’s some kitchen technology to help ease your pain and make your meal even tastier.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

With less than a month now until Christmas Day, it’s time to start thinking about buying presents. So here’s some helpful hints for that technology-mad lady in your life.

Top Tech Christmas Treats for Men

If the man in your life is so hard to buy for that you generally make do with an orange and handful of nuts, then it’s time to up your game. Here’s a list of 10 of the best technology gifts around right now to keep him amused and off your hands til Christmas 2012.