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Nokia Phi Windows Phone 8 – what you need to know

Images have surfaced bringing light of a new Nokia smartphone in the pipeline, a Windows 8 OS device codenamed the Nokia Phi with what looks to be a ‘phablet’ sized screen to boot.

Xiaomi set to launch follow-up to iPhone rival

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi looks set to release a follow-up to the highly successful iPhone challenger, the M1. But will it be any good? And why is there a growing buzz around the newest company to venture into smartphones?

Apple iPad Mini – when will we see it

Apple goes down the ‘less is more’ route, choosing to release a limited number of high-end products each year. It is a strategy that obviously works very well, so when will we see the Apple iPad Mini?

Google Tablet Store – What You Need to Know

Google has conquered a number of markets in its lifetime., as now it appears that Google is planning to launch an online store, to sell tablets directly to customers. Here’s what you need to know about Google tablet store.

New Apple iPad – The Complaints Continue

A week on, and the complaints about the new Apple iPad show no sign of letting up. So what are the latest issues that iPad users have been experiencing?

Will there be an Xbox Lite instead of an Xbox 720?

According to reports, we won’t even see the Xbox 720 at E3 next year. Instead, Microsoft is rumoured to be readying an Xbox ‘Lite’ to cash in on the popularity of casual gaming.

Why is the new FIFA Street so popular?

FIFA Street has seen unprecedented sales in its first week of release that not even EA could have predicted. The title has burst on to the UK gaming chart, immediately taking the top spot in the UK All-Format Gaming Chart. What is the secret of this success?

Bafta Video Game Awards: winners and losers

For those in the gaming industry, the word Bafta does not conjure up images of A-List celebrities from the film industry stroking each other’s egos. There were some unsurprising winners on the night, and one or two surprising losers, so who took home what on Friday night?

Sonic to Make Appearance on Next-Gen Consoles

While we may not see any more Sonic 4, Sonic’s developers have said that he will be making an appearance on the next generation of consoles.

Nook Tablet finally coming to UK?

For all you bargain hunters out there, there could be some good news on the horizon. Signs are pointing to a UK release of Barnes and Noble’s Nook Tablet.