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Dale Lovell

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I’ve been working as a journalist in the tech world for several years now, and this is by far the most exciting time for the industry. I’ve always loved getting my hands on exciting new products, be it a laptop, smartphone or digital camera, and my job allows me to indulge this passion every day.

Facebook search: Can it compete with Google?

In a talk at TechCrunch Disrupt, Mark Zuckerberg’s references to search have indicated that the company is forging ahead with plans to create a search engine to rival Google and Bing. But will it work?

Xbox 720 to bring 3D gaming into our living rooms?

According to new rumours which have surfaced, Microsoft’s next gen Xbox 720 console will feature an ‘environmental display’, projecting game worlds across the walls of any room users are playing in.

New Super Mario Bros U: Latest details and rumours

More details have been released by Nintendo on the upcoming title for Wii U, new Super Mario Bros U, including gameplay elements, different worlds and more interaction.

FIFA 13 demo for PS3 released today

A FIFA 13 demo for the PS3 is available from today on the Playstation Network, following yesterday’s news that a version for Xbox 360 is available for download. Read on for all the latest FIFA 13 news.

HTC patent claim: Could the iPhone 5 and iPad be banned in US?

If HTC’s patent claims are upheld, there is a chance that the upcoming iPhone 5 and iPad could be banned in the US – a devastating blow for Apple ahead of tomorrow night’s big launch event in San Fransisco.

Chinese firm Oppo latest to wade into phablet market

Dubbed the Find5, the new ‘phablet’ from Chinese manufacturer Oppo comes with impressive features that could see it vying for attention with the latest wave of larger-than-life smartphones.

1.3 million Android devices activated every day

Google currently sees around 1.3 million Android devices activated per day, up from 1 million in June, according to Chairman Eric Schmidt showing a rising success of the mobile platform.

Is Acer set to launch six smartphones in 2013?

Following on from the news that RIM look set to launch six BB10 devices in 2013, Acer president Jim Wong is said to have confirmed six smartphones of their own.

Sony Xperia Tablet S – What you need to know

The new Xperia Tablet S was showcased by Sony at the IFA 2012 and some figures have suggested that the model could debut as early as this month. Here is a roundup of the specs and features that are set to be included on the model.

Guild Wars 2 hits top spot in gaming charts just days after launch

Since it’s recent August 28th release, Guild Wars 2 has taken the top spot in both the UK individual formats chart and the multiformat charts, leading some to dub it the new World of Warcraft. Here’s why…