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Dale Lovell

About Dale Lovell

I’ve been working as a journalist in the tech world for several years now, and this is by far the most exciting time for the industry. I’ve always loved getting my hands on exciting new products, be it a laptop, smartphone or digital camera, and my job allows me to indulge this passion every day.

Google Nexus S Android Phone Launched

Watch out Apple, BlackBerry and Microsoft, the new Google Nexus S Android mobile is looking for a slice of the smartphone action. But will it live up to the hype?

Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor Sales Top 25 Million

More than 2.5 million Xbox 360 Kinect Sensors have been sold, just 25 days after going on sale. Find out why it’s a game changer for how we play video games.

LG NetCast TVs Enhanced with Extra Apps

LG NetCast enabled TVs are soon to be updated with the latest technology so viewers can connect with online services such as Facebook while they watch TV.

PlayStation 2 Resurrected by Sony in New LCD TV

Attention all retro-gamers, PlayStation 2 is back, but not as we know it: Sony has announced it is to be built in as standard to the new Sony LCD Bravia TV.