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Aurasma augmented reality: coolest thing at Consumer Electronics Show

You may not have heard of augmented reality, but you will have soon. This futuristic technology is something that will have you gasping.

The technology has actually been around for a while now, but has not really taken off in the way its developers had hoped.

Unfamiliar with it? It is basically an almost magical piece of software that lets you interact with objects like never before.

Pioneered by a company called Aurasma, augmented reality picks out objects, shapes or symbols and recognises what they are.

Once it has recognised the object, known as a trigger, it is able to manipulate it on the screen to quite amazing effect.

We’ve had the technology for some time, in the form of basic games for phones, but now Aurasma has unveiled a new 3D engine for the software at CES.

Available on iPhone and Android

It is a big step forward for the fledgling technology, and could spell the start of augmented reality’s big impact on the tech world.

The app, which is available for Android and iOS, means you’ll be able to point your phone at virtually anything and place an animation over the top of it. However, the 3D version is currently only available on iOS.

For now we’ll be content with just pointing our phone at an object and watching the cool animation. But the we are sure to see developers clamouring to make the most of the technology, so get ready to see a whole range of new AR games.