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Asus Unveils PadFone Smartphone-Tablet Combo

iPad and smartphone owners annoyed at having to subscribe to separate 3G data plans can now rest easy as Asus unveil a new tablet-phone combo.

Is it a tablet pad? Is it a phone in a pad? Well the answer is both. The new tablet combination appropriately named ‘PadFone’ is a rather clever little device which will have gadget lovers everywhere queuing up for the all in one.

Asus have decided to combine phones and tablets. Using an android smartphone device, the ‘fone’ part can dock into the tablet. The smartphone locks into the back of the tablet, which can be easily detached.

The device has an expanded battery life and extra cell included in the tablet.  The prototype version has a 10.1 inch tablet screen and the smartphone has a 4.3 inch screen. Word is that the company have not settled on the final dimensions of the product yet though.

Jonny Shik Chairman of Asustek Computer unveiled the new device at the start of Computex 2011 last month.

A Google spokesperson was thrilled about the Asus product.

“Some of the major reasons behind the PadFone is that Asus has found that many consumers are unhappy with the fact that if they own a tablet and a smartphone, they end up having to subscribe to a data plan for each of the devices for 3G access, which can be quite costly.”

The new PadFone does what it says and is the all encompassing phone-tablet combination many technology fans have been waiting for. The new phone/tablet uses 3G internet connection and the smartphone charges using the tablet’s battery.

The details of which Android operating system it will run on are yet to be announced. However gadget fans will be pleased to hear that the PadFone is expected to be available later this year.