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Asus Transformer Prime 700 series hands on

The Asus Transformer Prime has been one of the most coveted tablets on show at CES 2012, but Asus has already brought out an update, showing off a premium version with a full HD screen, aimed at those who want more from their movies and media.

The 1280 x 800 display on the original Asus Transformer Prime TF201 has been replaced by a whopping 1920 x 1200 panel, making one of the most desirable tablets even more tempting.

Transformer prime hd

We’re big fans of the Transformer Prime, and one of our favourite features is its excellent panel, so we had reservations that adding a full high-def screen to a 10-inch tab let would make a great deal of difference. We were right. The result, in truth, was slightly underwhelming, not because it didn’t look great, but it’s hard to notice the benefit over such a small screen.

Put the two Primes side by side, however, and the crispness and clarity of the Asus Transformer Prime 700 becomes more apparent. The detail on the home screen looks excellent, and when you load a HD movie, things get even better.

Aside from the screen, the Asus Transformer Prime and the updated Prime 700 look identical, apart from a metallic finish on the back. This is to aid Wi-Fi and GPS signal strengths using the metallic surface as a booster, which has been a small issue from early adopters.

Despite this, they’re the same weight, thickness and bulk, so there’s very little tangible difference for those shopping for a new tablet to sink their teeth into.

Asus has updated the front camera, and the 1.2MP snapper has been upgraded to a 2MP one, which is good news for anyone wanting to Skype with friends and family using their new tablet.

The Asus Transformer Prime 700 UK release date is later this year.

Hands on: Asus Transformer Prime 700 series review