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Asus TF300 – is it any good?

Computer giant Asus has carved out a name for itself as a manufacturer of some great products of late, offering customers an alternative to more traditional hardware.

By traditional, we mean the likes of the iPad tablet. By adding a keyboard to the tablet, Asus created an appealing and incredibly useful device in the Transformer Prime.

The only thing missing was a competitive price, which is more than likely to have turned off some customers. But now the Asus TF 300 is about to hit our stores, so is it any good?

Asus TF 300 – the good

This may be the low-cost device designed to appeal to the masses and boost the tech giant’s name, but you’d never know from the specs.

With Ice Cream Sandwich on the inside, the 300 needs a fair bit of power to keep it going. So Asus have popped a 1.2GHz quad-core Tegra 3 processor under the bonnet – giving it an impressive amount of power.

There’s also plenty of battery life to keep the 300 going, with the pad along offering ten hours of usage. When you attach the keyboard dock, you get an extra five hours.

Asus TF 300 – the bad

With a price tag of £399, it’s hard to pick faults in the TF 300, so we’ve had to get a little pernickety here. To keep costs down, Asus have stripped out the metal back and put plastic in its place, as well as reducing the quality of the keyboard.

But such is the design that the plastic back does not feel that cheap – and still looks great. As for the keyboard, if you haven’t used the Prime then you won’t even notice.

Asus TF 300 – the verdict

So is it any good? Yes. Yes it is. The TF 300 has everything you could want from a tablet (and notebook for that matter), within a good looking shell for an even better looking price.