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Assassins Creed III trailer – what should we expect?

Another classic video game franchise has caused excitement in the gaming world, as a trailer for the latest Assassins Creed title has finally been released.

The trailer, which has been released by developers Ubisoft, demonstrating the new gameplay features which they hope will make this instalment as successful as its predecessors –but what can we expect from the new Assassins Creed game?

Change of pace

Unlike the previous versions, this new (and potentially improved) incarnation will take place in a new environment with a new central character. Whilst some might mourn the loss of Desmond Miles, the new character (Connor Kenway) could be just as popular if the gameplay lives up to the hype.

While predecessors of this version were set in the Italian Renaissance, the new game will switch countries and time periods to the American Revolution.

Enhanced playing

For those more interested in how the game will play than what story it will have behind it, the trailer offers plenty of hope. Movements appear more fluid and directive, presumably offering a more interactive, intuitive and enjoyable gaming experience.

Naturally, the graphics have been given considerable thought and, if the trailer is anything to go by, gamers are in for a pleasant surprise with this latest release. Both characters and settings are given a new lease of life through the clever use of shadowing and subtle definition, bringing a sense of realism to this fictional account.

2012: the year for gamers?

Of course, Assassins Creed is not the only major franchise to have recently released trailers of their upcoming releases, with a timely debut of FIFA 2013 already stirring up excitement.

With a number of other great game trailers for 2012 being released, 2012 could easily become the best year gamers have seen in a while.

For those captivated by the Assassins Creed III trailer, the new game is planned for release on 30 October 2012 and will be available in formats compatible with PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii U, Mac OS X and Windows PCs.