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Are Windows tablets the latest rival to Apple’s iPad?

Recent reports have revealed that Microsoft could be launching its own self-branded tablet next week – so could this be the latest rival to Apple’s iconic iPad?

Of course, Windows Tablets are not a new feature for the world of technology and there are already a number of models in circulation. The main difference this time is that this will be Microsoft’s own creation.

Tackling the iPad

With numerous manufacturers and firms releasing their own tablets, Apple’s iPad has had plenty of competition over recent months. Despite this, the gadget has remained fairly popular with the general public and has managed to retain the exclusivity often associated with Apple products.

By producing its own self-branded tablet, Microsoft would be placing itself in direct competition with this global giant – a move which could result in pulling the figurative mat out from under Apple’s feet, or leaving it counting its own losses.

In addition to its own device, Microsoft is also planning to unveil a number of new tablet models which have been produced in collaboration with other companies.

These will see the innovative PC developer join forces with the likes of Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Lenovo, Nokia and Toshiba to produce a range of tablets sure to impress.

These will all feature the latest Microsoft operating systems – Windows 8 – with the majority of them planned for release later this year.

This means that Microsoft will have expanded the current computer tablet market almost single handed, offering consumers a whole host of options to choose from.

The future of the iPad

Whether this move spells the end for the iPad or not remains to be seen but, with a strong fan base, it is unlikely that Apple’s product will fall from grace completely.

With strong performance credentials and a range of features, companies such as Microsoft would need to pull out all the stops to gain any headway over their main competitor and, with its first self-branded model preparing for an imminent debut; we can’t wait to see whether they manage it!