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Are We Getting Bored of Facebook?

Everyone and their granny is on Facebook these days, but new user figures claim that we may be slowly getting bored with the social networking giant.

There’s no denying the website is popular. Facebook is well on the way to having a billion members globally with 687 million members worldwide and people spend over 700 billion minutes a month on the site. With stats like that it’s little wonder that the website’s creator, Mark Zuckerberg, is one of the youngest ever billionaires.

The website is a phenomenon and one that is set to transform the way we use the internet and interact with each other forever. Soon everything we do online will be done via Facebook – or so the hype has led us to believe over the last few years.

Why then are millions of people around the world supposedly ditching the website? A website that reportedly monitors Facebook’s growth, Inside Facebook, claimed this week that the social networking giant lost a massive six million users in the US in May and 100,000 users in the UK.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. It will undoubtedly worry Facebook – if the reports are true – because the US and UK are mature Facebook markets where users have been using the website for a long time – in the case of the US, where Facebook was born, the longest amount of time. Many of the website’s new users are coming from the developing world – India and South East Asia.

So are people getting bored with Facebook?

There may be a number of reasons why users in the West are getting slightly bored with Facebook and not interacting with the website as much as they used to. Firstly, there is the novelty factor to take into account. What was once new and fun is now everyday and slightly mundane – there’s only so many times you can see the status update ‘Off to the shops to buy lunch’ and be excited after all!

Take a straw-poll among your friends and you’ll see that the experience of Facebook boredom is no doubt shared with your friends, too. If none of your friends are doing anything exciting on Facebook, it automatically encourages you not to log onto the website either. It’s a vicious cycle of neglecting your account that MySpace knows only too well.

Add to the mix the fact that many people are increasingly concerned about privacy on the social networking website and what Facebook does with our personal data, as well as the growing popularity of social networking rival Twitter and you can see why some people may be deciding to ditch their Facebook profile entirely.

Is Facebook dead? Of course not. Facebook is likely to be here for a very long time and is no doubt set to grow even more to be part of our lives in the future: once Zuckerberg and co figure out how exactly.

Do you agree? Is Facebook here to stay or will it go the way of other social websites? Will Twitter win the battle for social media? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic, so please get involved.