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Are the Xbox 720 and PS4 to be the last home games consoles?

The next generation of consoles from Microsoft and Sony could be the last traditional consoles, according to an Nvidia executive.

There’s still no word on when we’ll actually see the likes of the PS4 or Xbox 720, and estimates have put their release any time between January 2013 and December 2014.

Luckily, we have the Nintendo Wii U to keep us ticking over – the innovative console is due for release at the end of November.

Yet the true next generation of console is still quite a way off and, according to some, it could mark the end of the home console as we know it.

Xbox 720 and PS4 the last consoles?

That is certainly how Phil Eisler feels. Nvidia’s head of cloud gaming has said that the longevity of the current generation means that the next consoles could struggle to compete against new forms of gaming.

  • concept art for Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox 720 consoles

He told VentureBeat:

“They say this is the last console, and I am certainly a believer in that. The last one is almost 10 years old now in terms of the technology,”

So what does a cloud gaming expert think will replace the traditional console? Cloud gaming of course! Eisner claims that while cloud gaming has had its hiccups along the way, it is only just getting started.

Is cloud gaming the future?

After the disaster at OnLive, you’d be forgiven for writing cloud gaming off. But everything is heading cloudwards at the moment, so why not gaming?

Eisler added:

“Bandwidth is going up. The cost of server rooms is going down. We’re bringing latency down,”

“The experience will just get better and better every year, to the point where I think it will become the predominant way that people play games.”

Eisler is the first to admit there is a long way to go. But with the Xbox 720 and PS4 still very much in gamers’ imaginations right now, who knows what’ll be on offer when they’re released?

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