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Are 1080p displays in the pipeline for Samsung and LG?

Smartphone manufacturers are doing their utmost to succeed in a competitive market, attempting to outshine rival devices with more advanced operating systems, internal storage and much more.

Now it seems that Samsung and LG are attempting to give Apple a run for its money, with a recent report hinting that both firms are planning to launch smartphones boasting a 1080p resolution in 2013.

This gives the screen displays on these devices a pixel density of 400ppi or more, above the 326ppi offered by offered by the iPhone 5.

1080p Smartphones: What’s already out there?

Earlier this year LG revealed a smartphone with a 5-inch mobile display boasting a 1080p HD resolution, giving it a pixel density of 440 ppi.

Last month news also emerged that Chinese manufacturer Oppo is also said to be launching a ‘phablet’, named the Find5, with a 1080p display and a pixel density of 441ppi. HTC has already confirmed a 1080p smartphone with the HTC J Butterfly in Japan.

The report outlines that Samsung’s prospective model will feature a pixel density of 400ppi, though 1080p will no doubt be outdone by higher screen resolutions by the time the new devices hit the market.

1080p Display: Is there a market?

According to Dr. Raymond Soneira, president and CEO of DisplayMate, users will struggle to notice the difference in real teams between the more commonly featured 720p and 1080p, as most people’s eyes “can’t resolve sharpness above 229ppi”.

Explaining further, he said:

“Even the tiniest image detail in a photograph is always spread over more than one pixel. The image detail is never perfectly aligned with the pixel structure of the display.”

“For ordinary viewing of videos, 1920×1080 is really not going to make a visual difference.”

Whether ppi is a burning issue or not, any advances that make screen display sharper and brighter are bound to be welcomed with open arms by smartphone fans.

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