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Apple’s Siri touts Nokia Lumia 900 as the ‘best smartphone ever’

Apple’s voice activated personal assistant Siri has gone against the company’s usual self praising mantra, referring a number of users to the new Nokia Lumia 900 as ‘the best smartphone ever.’

Far from the first time Apple’s Siri has made headlines, new reports have suggested that asking the voice commanded service the seemingly self evident question “What is the best smartphone ever” has seen a number of surprising answers including Nokia’s latest Windows Phone powered monster, the Lumia 900.

The modest personal assistant

Using the statistics and data based search engine Wolfram Alpha to determine the answer to user’s queries, the Apple branded device has seemingly knocked its own changes at the mantle of leading smartphone offering up its Nokia branded rival as the cream of the portable handset crop.

Currently exclusive to the 2011 release Apple iPhone 4S, Siri has come under criticism on a number of occasions since launch with its limited abilities to decipher regional accents and reports of coarse language used in the presence of children just two of a number of issues raised with the faltering service.

Are you an iPhone 4S user? Have you been impressed with the company’s Siri service or do you rarely utilise the voice commanded offering? Let us know via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

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