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Apple’s Siri changes its mind over Nokia Lumia 900

The tech world can be something of a fickle place, with products that once ruled our hearts turning into embarrassing relics that we’re ashamed to be seen with.

And it seems that, when it comes to opinions on smartphones, Siri is exactly the same. A mere matter of days ago, it was extolling the virtues of a number of Apple’s rivals in the smartphone market.

In a defiant breach of Apple company policy, when asked what the best smartphone ever was, Siri gave a number of unexpected answers.

Siri favourite: Nokia Lumia 900

One of its favourite smartphones appeared to be the Nokia Lumia 900, the Windows Phone-powered behemoth recently released here in the UK.

You can say what you like about Siri (and plenty of people have), but there’s no denying its honesty. Well, until recently that is.

No sooner had Siri started praising the impressive Lumia 900 that its bosses cracked the whip, and it duly fell into line.

Siri has clearly been memorising some new responses, to avoid another competitor-promoting display of rebelliousness by the maverick young software.

A change of heart for Siri

Now when it’s asked what smartphone is the best ever, Siri responds with a number of sarcastic quips that it clearly had some help coming up with.

Responses now include such gems as “the one you’re holding”, and “you’re kidding, right?” It even tried to play dumb with some users, asking “wait… are there other phones?”

That was fooling nobody, but further questioning was met with the rather touchy response of “I think you’ve already answered that question.”

So it seems a little piece of software that was providing an honest answer to an honest question is no match for big business. It was fun while it lasted.

Maybe this is the reason we only saw Siri Lite in the new iPad – Apple might have felt the fledgling software couldn’t be trusted to keep its mouth shut in such an important device.