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Apple’s NEW iPad launches on Friday 16th March in the UK

Apple announced today that brand spanking new iPads (or iPad 3rd generation/iPad 3s as they are unofficially being referred to) will be available in Apple’s retail stores and online store from 8am on Friday 16th March 2012.

Apple stores will be opening earlier than normal on Friday to allow the armies of Apple fans to have a chance to get their hands on one of the new Apple iPads.

Tablet fans around the world have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of Apple’s latest shiny tablet offering which will go on sale in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland and Puerto Rico on Friday from 8am local time.

iPad fans in Austria, Belgium, Spain, Czech Republic, Sweden, Mexico & Norway among other countries will have to wait until 23rd March for their chance to get hold of a new iPad.

Since unveiling the new 3rd generation iPad which will feature a Retina display and new A5X processor during a press event in San Francsico last week amidst much speculation and anticipation it is rumoured that Apple sold out of it’s initial batch of stock that had been reserved for online preorders in just 2 days.

Tesco’s new iPad price glitch – 3rd generation iPad for £49.99?

There has been added drama by a glitch on Tesco’s website which enabled thousands of customers to add a new iPad to their basket for a seemingly bargainous price of £49.99 due to an “IT error”  It wasn’t long before news of this “amazing new iPad deal”  did the rounds of the social networks but it seems highly unlikely that Tesco will honour these sales.

Apple’s new iPad preorders sold out in 2 days

If you try to preorder a new Apple iPad from Apple’s online store today it states an estimated 2-3 week wait for delivery so if you simply can’t bear to wait for that long to secure yourself a new ipad then you will have to be on your toes (with elbows at the ready!) to join the queues outside your local Apple store from 8am on Friday.

Queues already starting to build for Friday’s new iPad release

Rumours are that there are a few people who have already started queuing outside Apple’s Regent Street store in a bid to be first in the queue! If you are not that keen (or crazy – depending on how you look at it!) to justify starting queuing outside your local Apple or Apple retailer’s store then trying to get to the front of the online “queues” might be the way forwards.

Most authorised Apple retailers will also have stock from Friday and our friends at Comet have confirmed that the new Apple iPad will be available on Friday 16th when stores open from 9am or online from from 1am.

iPad 2 price dropped

If you are not that bothered by the new features of the 3rd generation iPad then it might also be worth having a look around for an iPad 2 which can be picked up from Apple themselves or other retailers like Comet from a reduced price of £329.  Which might not be such great news for people who like me who forked out for an iPad 2 at Christmas!

What is the new iPad going to offer?

For the lowdown on what Apple’s new iPad will bring to the table check out our guide to How does the new iPad improve on the iPad 2  or read our Apple iPad hands on review from our friends at Techradar.

So will you be joining the hoards of Apple’s fans in the battle to secure a new iPad on launch day on Friday?

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