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Apple vs Google: Are we bored of all this tech rivalry?

‘To the victor go the spoils’ is the famous battle-cry is attributed to a Congressional debate in 1831 by a New York senator, William L. Marcy. Marcy was talking in the context of nineteenth century US democracy, but the phrase could be just as widely used to describe the current technology battles taking place.

The smartphone and tablet market are phenomenally valuable: a Huffington Post article recently described smartphones as the ‘third wheel’ in our relationships.

We rely on our smartphones and technology more and more; we all know this. Tech giants like Google, Apple, Samsung and Microsoft know this too. They can all see the opportunity is there – if they can crush the opposition they could set themselves an unprecedented advantage over their rivals and reap the ‘spoils.’

Do we really care?

We will not go on about the various legal wranglings the big tech companies are currently experiencing. We know all about Samsung vs Apple and the various lawsuits. But what does all of this mean for the consumer?

Are we bored of all this tech rivalry? Is it getting in the way of what we really want – a device that can help us manage our lives, keep in touch with our friends, with all the necessary gizmos and gadgets built in?

A good example of the way that tit-for-tat tech rivalry can affect the consumer can be seen by the rumours circulating this week that Apple’s new iPhone 5 and latter versions of the iPad are not going to come pre-loaded with the Google owned YouTube App. Apple recently ditched the Google Maps apps from their products too.

Google and Apple are in the midst of a tech war, but there’s no denying that the consumer loses out, in the short term at least. Are we bored of it? 

Well, the chances are that the new iPhone 5, rumoured to come out in September, will sell in its millions and Google and co will launch rivals that are equally impressive. The advance of smartphone technology is relentless, but how long before tech fatigue kicks in?

What do you think about the endless line of patent battles and law suits. Do they have any impact on what device you buy? Lets us know in the comments section below.

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