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Apple TV vs Google TV: Which will be Best?

Forget about Siri, Ice Cream Sandwiches and Smartphones: the real battle of the technology giants is in winning over millions of consumers to the next generation in TV technology: Smart TVs. Both Apple and Google know it.

Smart TVs allow you to use apps, access on-demand services, and browse the internet all while watching TV at the same time.

As a future world of inter-connectivity and on-demand cloud based services becomes ever more available, it’s only natural that internet ready televisions become the next big consumer technology battle-ground. But which is likely to be best?

We take a peak at what you could expect from both TVs:

Google TV

Google has teamed up with Samsung to create the latest version of Google TV, which in true tech nomenclature is appropriately named Google TV 2.0. The move is part of an update to the Google TV platform that took place in October 2011.

The service now has more than 150 apps which developers have specifically built for TV, as well as thousands of growing Android apps to choose from.

The Google TV 2.0 uses the Honeycomb Android operating system to make navigation simple and intuitive. Google are not building the hardware themselves, but partnering with manufacturers to make the Google TV platform as ubiquitous as possible.

As well as Samsung, Google TV 2.0 is available on Sony TVs and LG has announced that they will be showcasing a new line of TVs powered by Google TV running on their own L9 chipset at CES 2012 next week. The LG TVs will combine the Android userface with LG’s burgeoning 3D and smart TV services.

Apple TV

If rumours are to be believed, Apple are all set to launch a full-on television set. It is an exciting prospect for all Apple fans, promising a world of interconnectivity between Smartphones, tablets and desktops.

There are no prizes for guessing what the name of the Apple TV is likely to be – iTV (something a certain television company in the UK may have a problem with), but it could be rolled out soon.

Apple rumours suggest that the TV may have a 37-inch version and a (slightly) cheaper 32-inch one. In terms of users interface, there have been rumours on everything from motion-sensor technology to the use of voice recognition software Siri to help you navigate the device. Another rumour suggests that your iPad or iPhone or iPod could be the actual remote control – giving consumers another reason, if they need one, to purchase more Apple kit.

Which is Best?

If you own a bunch of Apple kit already, there is an obvious winner: Apple. Given the way Apple love to control the ‘environment’ of their hardware, the Apple TV is going to be extremely exciting for existing Apple users.

If you do not own any Apple products and are simply looking for an internet ready-TV  - from any big brand – that is good for surfing online, has plenty of Apps and is geared up for watching YouTube clips (remember Google own YouTube), then a Google 2.0 TV could be right for you.

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