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Apple to tackle TV market with Apple TV sets

As you may have noticed, the tech world is currently buzzing with expectation over the launch of an Apple TV.

Not an improvement or upgrade to the set-top box that we saw back in 2010, but a full-on, actual television set.

It is an exciting prospect, and given the impact that Apple’s previous hardware has had we can expect something quite special.

The set top box that Apple unleashed on the world in 2010 was a steal at just £99, surely Apple’s cheapest piece of kit ever.

Apple TV set top box a hit

But it wasn’t just the cost that was attractive. The tiny box gave users a choice of the latest HD films, and the option to stream photos and other content from your computer on your TV.

The technology was initially a hit, selling more than a million units in the first couple of weeks on sale. But since then we have heard relatively little about Apple’s TV ambitions.

So will we be seeing the launch of the iTV this year? All signs point to yes, we’re just not sure when. Rumoured to be getting a US launch later this year, iTV will build on the current Apple TV software.

Cloud services on the Apple TV

And it looks like Apple will be returning to its high-pricing habit with the new TVs, launching a 37-inch set and a (slightly) cheaper 32-inch one.

The high price is down to the fact that the TV will essentially be a computer that goes on your wall, with access to all of Apple’s software and cloud services.

So you can expect lots of syncing and integration, and the more Apple products you have the better. In terms of users interface, there have been rumours on everything from motion-sensor technology to use of Siri.

But the most likely outcome will be that users will be able to use their iPhone or iPod as a remote control. However the iTV works, you can expect Apple to pull out all the stops.

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