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Apple Ready to Scheme and Battle to Win Nano-SIM Vote

Apple’s latest quest to make Nano-SIM technology the standard for all mobile phones in Europe is facing some strong opposition from the likes of Nokia and RIM who are keen on pushing their own tech.

This new nano-SIM technology is even smaller than the micro-SIM found in the current iPhone 4S and comes with additional space to include more functionality including the user’s ‘mobile identity’.

According to sources at the Financial Times, Apple’s Nano-SIM will require a ‘drawer’ to house it, much like the current iPhone and new iPad contain. The worry for other manufacturers is that, even though the standard would be free for all to use, they would have to re-design handsets to fit Apple’s spec. Also, Apple would own all the patents.

Understandably this hasn’t gone down too well with the likes of Nokia and RIM.

Apple Playing Dirty

In a report published by the Financial Times,
Apple are attempting to “significantly” increase their voting power within
the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) by registering six European subsidiaries with the organisation. A move that has been slammed by Nokia as border-line cheating.

Nokia though, (who currently lead the votes with 92) aren’t the only manufacturers to show opposition to Apple’s tactics. Both Motorola and RIM have also voiced their concerns.

With the amount of cash Apple have to hand, rival manufacturers are becoming increasingly worried that Apple will simple be able to buy votes.

The question of whether Apple should be allowed to do this have been raised by Nokia and will be decided this week.

Despite all of this though, the new standard is still very much up for grabs. Official voting takes place next week.