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Apple New York event to focus on education?

Reports suggest that Apple’s yet-to-be-confirmed New York announcement will focus on education.

The rumoured event, which is set to take place in New York sometime this month, will bring improvements to iTunes University and may see Apple offer textbooks through the iBooks platform.

The extra details come courtesy of Fox News Columnist Clayton Morris who brings news from sources involved in the project and claims the initiative has been in the works for years.

Morris reckons Steve Jobs was “intimately” involved with the plans until his passing in October last year.

He also reasserts AllThingsD’s claim that the announcement may be in a small venue, but be a “big announcement … large in scope.”

Publishing home

Morris thinks that Apple has chosen to host the event in New York rather than in San Francisco as the East Coast is a more natural setting for a publishing announcement.

He also added that the event was first scheduled for autumn of 2011, but was postponed until the New Year.

Apple New York event to focus on education?