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Apple named coolest UK brand, but can it undo Maps damage?

Apple has been named as the coolest brand in the UK in a recent poll, putting it ahead of other technology giants including Google and Sony.

Despite this fact, a series of holes in the new Maps app has taken the shine off of the iPhone 5 for many, potentially threatening Apple’s global standing.

Apple Maps failing to hit the mark

Some iPhone fans were so keen to get their hands on the latest model that they camped outside stores for a week in advance.

Yet the much-anticipated launch of the iPhone 5 has been dampened slightly by a series of iOS 6 map blunders.

Many smartphone users who have pledged their loyalty to the iPhone brand were bemused as to why Apple had replaced the tried and tested Google maps with the dodgier Apple Maps.

The list of mapping mishaps was extensive and included parts of London taking on their old English names and key locations such as Paddington station being located in dense woodland.

Although Apple admitted that it was “just getting started” with the mapping service, some have argued that the competition will circle in if the computing giant doesn’t address the problem in due course.

Apple Maps: What is Apple’s game plan?

Motorola was just one of the companies to expose Apple Maps, when it posted an image comparing the results of a search in the Apple Maps app to the results of a search in the Google Maps app on Motorola’s Razr M phone.

According to the latest rumours circulating on the net, Apple is set to recruit former and current Google Maps employees to help improve its Maps app.

Google Maps employees are already said to be working at the firm on a contract basis, and the latest news could be viewed as substantial back peddling from Apple.

Despite the fact that Google ranked behind Apple in the UK’s CoolBrands list, its seven years of digital map experience will be difficult to match.

Speculation is also rife that Google is at work on a dedicated iOS 6 Maps app, and is just waiting for the seal of approval from Apple to forge ahead with its plans.

Although Apple may have admitted defeat in the Maps apps stakes, the iPhone 5’s immediate success shows that it will take more than a few OS hitches to knock it off the top spot.

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