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New Apple MacBook Pro – what you need to know

Forget new iPads and iPhones, this summer is all about the new MacBook Pro – the upcoming notebook from Apple that is set to be a masterclass in computer innovation.

This year is sure to be another hugely successful one for Apple, with the tech giant releasing a number of new products and services.

We’ve already seen the new iPad – an impressive tablet that has once again trounced all the competition in the market.

Whether it will sell quite as well as the massively popular iPad 2 remains to be seen, but it seems that Apple is now turning its attention to its next release.

Apple MacBook Pro due this summer

Due for an unveiling this summer, the latest MacBook Pro is expected to be Apple’s best to date, with a number of new features and specs that are sure to wow fans everywhere.

According to sources in the Apple supply chain, the MacBook Pro is currently undergoing rigorous test production rounds before its summer launch.

The 15-inch MacBook Pro has been a long time in the making, the result of years of research and development into ultra-thin computing.

In terms of design, those of you expecting something similar to the MacBook Air might be disappointed. The new Pro is rumoured to be similar in design to the existing MacBook Pro, just squeezed to ultra-thin proportions.

Apple MacBook Pro display

The main feature rumour that everyone is getting excited about is a retina display – the screen we’ve become so used to in the iPhone and new iPad.

This is not confirmed, of course, but several sources have suggested the stunning retina display will feature. After all, someone using the new iPad may expect the same level of screen quality from their newly-acquired MacBook Pro.

With an unbelievably thin body, and the stunning display that still manages to amaze, the upcoming MacBook Pro could turn out to be the device of the year.

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