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Apple iTV – what you need to know

Apple, once a struggling computer company, has come to dominate several tech industries over the past ten years.

It revolutionised how we listen to music with the iPod, then used the success of the hugely popular mp3 player to venture into other areas of consumer electronics.

The iPod was followed by a foray in the mobile phone market with the iPhone – another runaway success for the tech giant.

Apple effectively created a market for itself with the iPod, and did the same with the iPad – creating a need for an oversized smartphone.

The iPad is of course a great device. But if you’d told people ten years ago that they’d be buying a laptop that didn’t have a keyboard they would have laughed at you.

But Apple is not content with these markets alone, it wants more. And that is why we’ll be seeing its first venture into the Smart TV industry later this year with iTV.

So far, we’ve been given little in the way of detail about what exactly this TV will be able to do. But we can be sure of one thing: that Apple will be entering the TV market with a view to taking it over.

But it won’t be easy. We already have a lot of Smart TVs out there, and a lot of TV content providers. So what can we expect from Apple’s iTV?

Apple iTV features

The rumours of a 2012 release date for iTV have been fuelled recently, when a US retailer accidently leaked the alleged specs of the new TV.

According to the leak, the iTV will have a 42-inch 1080p Full HD display, and will run the latest version of iOS – giving users access to the likes of iTunes, apps, and all manner of streaming services.

Apple iTV price

The leak has even given us a proposed price tag for the new TV, but we could have guessed at the kind of price Apple would be asking.

Rumoured to be around the £1,000 mark, the iTV is not to be sniffed at – but we would expect nothing less from Apple.