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Apple iTV rumours: the story so far

Following Tim Cook’s announcement that TVs are an “area of intense interest” for Apple, it seems that hopes of an Apple TV could be realised sooner than we thought.

Of course, Cook gave no specific details about whether the much-hyped iTV would ever hit our shelves and, when asked about the system directly, jovially refused to answer.

But this refusal to answer could be seen as an indication that the technology is in development, with Cook’s guarded comments suggesting that work is continuing behind the scenes.

Apple’s set-top box

Of course, while the iTV remains firmly in the rumour mill, Apple has dabbled in TV and broadcasting technology already with its set-top box.

This sold almost 3 million units last year (approximately 2.8 million) and has already come close to matching that figure this year, with 2.7 million sales.

Previous Apple TV rumours

With Apple recently entering into negotiations to acquire manufacturing company Loewe, rumours of the fabled iTV have become more pronounced.

The acquisition was seen as a clear sign that Apple was focusing its efforts on building the iTV, with this German manufacturer a great collaborator.

On top of this, rumours began to circulate that Apple would be uniting with Sharp, who would supply the panels for the new television sets.

In terms of specifications and details, little has been leaked about the rumoured TV – although there has been plenty of speculation on the topic.

Rumoured dimensions for the sets are 32 and 37 inches, and everything from motion detection to voice recognition has been suggested as a potential feature.

The rise of the smart TV

Whether Apple is any closer to revealing its anticipated iTV remains to be seen, but it is clear that the battle for the living room is far from over.

Other companies, including global giant Google, have launched their own smart TVs of late, offering users the chance to connect with content in new and unique ways.

Google’s latest smart TV entered production in the US earlier this month, where it will be trialled before a wider roll-out is considered.

This means that, if Apple is in a position to begin production of its own smart TV, then the iTV and Google TV could soon go head to head.